Diode Lasers - Chip on submount, SM Sub-mounts,
TO cans and Fiber Pigtailed Devices
Standard wavelengths available from 780nm to 1064nm
and other wavelengths available upon request.
Fiber Coupled Packages
Laser Diode Test System
1W 2.94um DPSS Module with Driver
o  Up to 8 watts fiber output from single emitter
o  0.22NA, or 0.15NA, 105/125m fiber
o  Various fiber jacket and connector options
o  Electrically isolated case
o  Hermetically sealed
o  Power supply, test software, and copper      
aircooled heat sink available separately
o  Applications include medical, rangefinding, and sensing
o  Free space output of 1W
o  Compact and light weight - 130 x 115 x 70 (mm)
o  Typical TEM00 M² value of 1.12
o  Fiber coupled version available
o  Compact laser module with powers up to 130W
o  Provide multiple wavelengths out of a single fiber
o  Each wavelength can be individually addressed
o  Applications include medical, rangefinding, and sensing
Custom High Power Laser Modules
Up to 50W
220um, 0.22NA
o  Constant power and constant current modes
o  Laser diode current up to 10A
o  TEC drive current up to ±4A
o  Ideal for driving DPSS lasers