● Higher output power density per unit of weight and space                
- Modules smaller and lighter  (35mm x 45mm x 10mm)

● Advantages of a single emitter design
- Higher Brightness     
- low current supply          
- lower cost thermal management        
- higher conversion efficiency of single emitters
- scalable beam-combining with no loss of brightness
- wavelength independent packaging platform
San Carlos,  CA
High Brightness Modules
Incorporate the advantages of single    
emitter design in multi-emitter packages;
fiber coupled, free space output, or
TO package
9xxnm,  >45W 105um, 0.15NA
>60W 105um 0.22NA
50W to 100W, Free Space Beam output, 4.5mRad(FA), 16mRad (SA)
793nm,  >18W 105um, 0.15NA or 0.22NA
30W 105um 0.22NA (@5A)
808nm,  up to 55W 200um 0.22NA
up to 30W 100um 0.15NA or 0.22NA
Free Space Beam output option, can be aircooled
1440nm and 1470nm, >10W 105um, 0.22NA
>20W 200um 0.22NA
450nm, 4W 50um 0.22NA fiber
Custom packages; multiple wavelengths, beam shaping and stacking
Turnkey system development
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